Some Folks Celebrating Bilal Saeed Hitting A Woman As Their Win Against Feminism & It’s Disgusting!

bilal saeed hitting woman feminism

Let’s start off with the universally accepted fact that, ‘it is not okay to hit anyone, except in self-defense.’ You don’t just hit a woman for whatsoever reason and call it equal rights ‘served right’ like in the case of the singer Bilal Saeed. For some incomprehensible reason, some ignorant Pakistanis have been singing his praise for doing so. They are celebrating Bilal Saeed hitting a woman as their win against feminism

Saeed was seen fighting out on the street with his brother, and then his sister-in-law, while dolphin police officials tried to hold back all three of them from going at each other. The video surfaced on social media on Thursday, and as always, within no time it went viral.

In a horrible development from the viral video, while many are downright shocked at the Baari singer’s behavior, some gross people are celebrating this incident as some kind of a win against ‘feminism’.

Some folks are lauding and whole-heartedly admiring the fact that Saeed kicked and hit a woman. Because, guess why? Apparently, the misogynist community believes that he served equal rights to the feminists.

Sadly, not only men but women are also explicitly glorifying the act

Why is it, when discussions of gender equality come up, they always say “so does that mean I can hit women?” From this whole drama, our takeaway is that people love abusing women, and are oddly obsessed with it.

They are deprived of basic manners. In a normal setting where nobody’s life is threatened, it is neither polite nor accepted to hit ANYONE, regardless of gender.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt criticizes all who praised Saeed’s violent reciprocation.

Hitting a woman is an abuse of power, and in Bilal Saeed’s case, it’s totally wrong for the people to link it to feminism. Just like hitting a child is an abuse of power, because you know that the child or the woman cannot physically match your power in defending themselves. Hence, it is offensive to take advantage of someone’s weakness. But what is more offensive is trying to use this as an argument against women’s rights.

According to the details, the incident occurred on January 10 outside his residence. The singer attacked the two in presence of Dolphin police. His brother Raza Saeed called the police after an argument with him, the police revealed. When police reached the residence, the 32-year-old singer got physical and began attacking his brother and sister-in-law.

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