5 Annoying Statements From Desi People That Will Cut You To The Core

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We have now entered the 21stcentury; the age of science and technology. In this age, the world has changed and advanced a lot in many ways. Time has put a great effect on the mindsets of people. They have now learned moving forward with the things.

They want themselves to be taken as ‘modern people’, but there are few things which they cannot ignore. They love to be judgemental. They can never stop judging people on the basis of different things. Like, they want a BAHU who has never been to any co-ed institute for their sons who have always studied in such institutes.

But that’s fine! As they know their sons well. They are MAA KE FARMABARDAR. However, the girls who study with boys apparently have a really bad character. Not only this, there is a list of such terrible statements that you can hear from every typical desi.

1. The students who study English are always teachers:

Source: Tumblr

Every Desi parent wants their children to learn and speak English as they believe that without learning English, their child would not be a respectable person of a society. Nonetheless, when they hear anyone doing masters in English they feel really sad.

OHO! You did not get the admission in a medical college or an engineering university. Now, what will you do? Become a teacher because you do not have any other option.

2. The students of Media are always shameless:

Source: Medium

Another statement by these advanced typical desis is that the students of media are shameless regardless of the fact that they themselves watch television all day. They love the actors and comment on the direction, acting, story and everything but when the points come to their family that their child wants to be media student then they have every possible reason to stop them. As every media student is characterless. They should be thrown out of the society. Their earning is even not HALAL!

3. A person with a beard is always a “MAULVI”:

Source: Imgur

This statement can only be made by a Desi about Maulvis. No one can understand their contradictory opinions. If a white man has a beard, he is a hipster. Beard makes him look so cool. But when another desi has a beard “Oh! This man is a Maulvi.

Due to this judgment, some of the conventional desis are hesitant to even communicate with such men who grow a beard. They start to behave aAs if, they are creatures of another planet.

4. Hijab makes you conservative:


These desi people can never be happy. If they see a girl in hijab they call her conservative. According to them, a girl with hijab is not confident enough. She does not know how to move in the society. She is a big NO to the professional world.

5. Jeans make you so bold:

Source: gifimage.ne

On the other hand, if a girl wears jeans she is so bold. She’s shameless. Her parents are very careless and have not taught her anything. If she wears such clothes she must have many male friends. She is a big NO to a Shareef Khandani family.

So, no matter what you do, if you will always be judged by another desi.

This is high time that all desi people should stop being irritatingly judgmental because what they think isn’t necessarily correct. Sometimes, the reality is the exact opposite of the physical appearance. As the famous saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover. Hence, it’s better to get to know someone and provide them the space to do whatever they want to.

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