First The Attack In France And Now This: Shooting Rampage at Shopping Mall In Munich

Three people killed and several injured after a witness stated that three gunmen entered the Olympia Shopping Centre located in Munich and started a shooting rampage.

One of the employees inside the shopping mall informed the new agency that there were a number of shots fired by these gunmen.

Tweeted by the Munich police, a major operation by the police authorities is under-way Munich as there were unconfirmed reports regarding shooting in different parts of the city, aside from Olympia Shopping Centre.

While the gunmen are still on the loose, the German police are conducting severe operations and have requested the citizens to stay indoors.


Munich police received the first call of emergency at 6pm German time when the gunmen opened fire at the Olympia Shopping Centre’s fasts food shop.

An Olympia Center worker, Lynn Stein informed CNN that, “there were three masked gunmen who were dressed in black seen running in the centre.” | Gunmen seen leaving the shopping centre | Gunmen seen leaving the shopping centre

The police spokeswoman told the German media, “We believe this a huge accident.”

Within minutes of getting the emergency call, the ambulance and police crew were on the site. The authorities believe the gunman fled the shopping mall and went to the underground U-Bahn station.

Earlier this week, the authorities instructed Germany to be on high alert after a man with a knife and an axe attacked the train passengers in Wurzburg.

While the German interior minister says there were only 3 deaths, Muencher Abendzeitung claims 15 people were killed in this brutal attack.

The German police has requested the citizens not to post any videos or pictures of their operations online as they may tip off the gunmen.

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