First Semester vs Last Semester of University

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University is one of the best experiences one can have. Studying in university is the most memorable phase of everyone’s academic life. From the entrance test till the convocation day, each and everything is worth remembering.

Be it making new friends or enemies, getting late for morning classes or bunking the classes, doing crazy things with friends or having group study, studying late night for exams or waiting for results, everything is unforgettable.

However, undeniable is the fact that there is a great difference if you compare the first semester with the last one!


Friends Squad:

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You make lots of new friends and have a squad of 7 or 8 friends (5 or 6 at least). Whether it’s partying, celebrations or posing for photos, a chance of having fun with them is never missed.

Best Dressing:

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You dress up as if you are going to walk on the ramp.


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You are really ambitious so you set goals and objectives for yourself.


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You work hard and get good grades (usually A grade) and plan to study the same way every semester.


Hardly 2 or 3 Friends:

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Your number of friends reduces and you hardly have 2 or 3 friends left because you realize that it’s more important to have true friends.

Worst Dressing:

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You realize that it’s more important to wear comfortable clothes (which are usually the oldest ones you have). Plus you are too lazy to iron yourself a new dress every day.


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You are no more studious rather, you end up submitting your assignments after the deadline passes. Moreover, you are only concerned about passing-marks rather than good grades or positions.


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You become the laziest person on earth. All you want is rest.

In spite of all of this, you love your university as if it’s your second home. And after being graduated you miss it like hell.

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