This Guy Describes How It Feels Like When You Go On Your First Risha-Seeking Venture

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Yes, I love Green Jelly and Seekh Kababs!! I was sitting in a high back chair, folding my legs holding my breath, at the end of 5×5 ft glass table. The table was full of everything I could have finished single-handedly on a normal day.

Death by chocolate slices, fried chicken, chocolate cookies, Pineapple Chicken Salad, Chicken tikka, Kababs, Green Jelly and what not. The story is, it was my first time when I accompanied my parents to a Rishta venture. She was sitting in the same room with our parents, I could imagine her anxiety, although my head was down and I was trying hard not to be a final year guy sitting at Zero Point.

Source: MissMalini

There were some awkward jokes, so much fear of being judged that even blushing failed to reduce the suffocation one could feel there. For the first time, I experienced this agony and I realized how difficult it would have been for a girl. Guests coming, judging you in a single sitting, making opinions and giving verdict is no less cruel than burying them alive.

Day ended and I bought lots of green jelly just to squish it through my teeth to see if I’m still the same guy. Don’t know how she would have coped with the trauma!!! A system in which you can’t jump for Kababs or squish green jelly through your incisors or simply a system in which you can’t be yourself is a flawed system!!!!

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