Intelligence is Hands Down a Quality only the Eldest Child Can Brag about

Now, what you’re about to read might trigger a war if you’re the eldest sibling. Are you? You might have heard this a lot of times that the youngest child is always the most loved, and most laadla, isn’t it?  But guess what? If you’re the eldest child, you can brag about being the one with the highest IQ which means, you’re more intelligent! Yes, science has proved it!

Well, it’s time to thank your parents! Recently, a new found research has proved that the first-born child has a higher IQ than the latter-born children. The reason why the eldest child has a higher IQ is that the parents spend more time with the child in developing his/her skills and the child tends to perform better later on in life.

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Another reason is that the eldest child receives more mental stimulation and the mother spends more time breastfeeding him/her. Not only this, but a woman is more cautious during her first pregnancy and avoids taking risks such as smoking and drinking. Makes sense? It sure does!


However, here’s  how the researchers from University of Edinburgh, Analysis Group and the University of Sydney assessed 5,000 children from pre-birth to age 14. They would assess the children every two years and test their reading recognition and learn more about their family background and economic conditions.

The researchers also studied the behavior of parents by using the same assessment tool and by studying their eating and drinking habits during the pregnancy, post-birth such as emotional support and mental stimulation.

Dr Ana Nuevo-Chiquero, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Economics, said:

‘Our results suggest that broad shifts in parental behaviour are a plausible explanation for the observed birth order differences in education and labour market outcomes.’ 

Well, how do you feel about? Are you the eldest sibling? Tag your siblings and brag about being the intelligent one!


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