Actor Firdous Jamal Says Mahira Khan Is Not ‘Heroine Stuff’ And Pakistanis Are Extremely Furious!

In the entertainment industry, it is normal to see actors carrying negative opinions about other artists. Be it the face of the film or a drama, a person connected with the acting field from a long time passing blunt comments on an actor who, in current time is playing a massive role in the flourishing of Pakistan’s entertainment industry is not easy to digest.

Faysal Qureshi playing a segment with his guests!

A well-known name of the industry, Faysal Qureshi’s morning show recently entered the controversial area after one of his guests threw sharp comments on the Pakistani diva Mahira Khan. The panel consisted of four guests, comic actor Aadi Adeal Amjad, actress and model Sana Sarfraz, veteran actor Firdous Jamal and his son Hamza Firdous.

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As the show caught pace, host Faysal Qureshi played a segment with his guests. The segment consisted of pictures of different Pakistani celebrities and the guests had to lay what opinions they hold of the shown personality, one by one. Starting from the talented actor Bilal Abbas, a wave of pictures were then shown to the guests.

Firdous Jamal called Mahira Khan, not a ‘heroine stuff!’

The game totally changed when “Raees” star Mahira Khan’s picture was shown. Pakistan’s veteran actor Firdous Jamal didn’t have nice things to say about her. Jamal called Mahira Khan, not a ‘heroine stuff’ and that she is just a mediocre model. She should stop appearing as a heroine and start coming off as a mother on-screen, he added.


Firdous Jamal said, “Sorry to say but Mahira Khan doesn’t qualify to be a heroine and she is just a mediocre level model. As far as acting is concerned it is not her cup of tea. Actresses of her age are usually playing the role of mothers and she should also consider doing it instead of appearing as a heroine.” 

The tweet that created more hype!

Talking about actresses, Firdous Jamal praised Mehwish Hayat and the effort she puts into her work. Comparing Mehwish Hayat with Mahira Khan, Jamal called Mehwish far better than Mahira. On the topic, Faysal Qureshi just had good wishes for Mahira Khan and wishes that her films don’t get flopped anymore.

The clip from the show went viral on social media and Pakistanis were disgusted by the veteran actor’s remarks.

Sexist and misogynist!

Double standards!

Makes sense!

Can say that!

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Such hatred and disrespect!

Later on, Faysal Qureshi also tweeted on his official Twitter regarding the matter.

Faysal Qureshi was shocked on Firdous Jamal’s comments!

Undoubtedly, Firdous Jamal holds a mature space in Pakistan’s entertainment industry but he shouldn’t have degraded Mahira Khan in front of a large audience.

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