FIR Registered Against 250 Lawyers Over Lahore Rampage!

Lahore Lawyers attack

LAHORE: On Thursday, Punjab Police registered two cases against 250 lawyers. The lawyers were charged over supposedly assaulting the Pakistan Institute of Cardiology (PIC) and spoiling the property in Lahore.

Lahore was in a rage of lawyers, persistent fear and chaos prevailed in the city. Moreover, the attack on PIC left 4 patients dead and many injured. The vicious vandalism around the PIC made a chaotic scenario.

Lawyers attack PIC

Source: Geo Tv

Yasmeen Rashid, Punjab Health Minister informed the media that the fatalities took place after physicians were helpless to provide the patients with apt therapy owing to the vandalism of lawyers.


Reportedly, an assemblage of more than 200 lawyers, who had some concerns with the doctors of the PIC, attacked the hospital. The lawyers destroyed property and vitiated dozens of vehicles of visitants. Lawyers also burned a police van.

A first information report (FIR) was filed against 200-250 anonymous lawyers on the charge of an official of the hospital, while another was filed on the accusation of police in which 15 lawyers were specified.

The cases were filed under multiple sections of the Pakistan Penal Code, including 322 (Qatal-bis-Sabab), 452 (intruding), 353 (attack to prevent a public servant from doing duty), 354 (attack on a woman to abuse her modesty), 148 (rioting with lethal weapon), 395 (robbery). Additionally, Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) is also added.

As per the details, Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHBCA) General Secretary Malik Maqsood Khokar, vice-president Aijaz Basra, Rana Intezar, Rana Adeel, Azeem Sindhu, Ghulam Abbas, and Sahira Awan led the group of lawyers.

In the FIR, lawyers have accused of inciting brutality against the doctors and inviting their fellow lawyers to strike anyone coming their way.

According to the FIR, the lawyers split into many groups, entered the different PIC departments. Primarily, lawyers entered the intensive care unit, operation theatre, and radiology area where they beat the security guards, medical staff and doctors.

As per the FIR, one group of lawyers also vandalized the nurses’ ward. The lawyers harassed the nursing staff. The shirt of one of the nurses was torn and her jewelry was jerked.

The FIR further says the incident lasted about two hours. It continued that data regarding injuries and discrete equipment will be shared later.

Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chohan

As per reports, a video clip of some doctors mocking lawyers triggered the incident.

Furthermore, the mob of lawyers had beaten Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chohan, Punjab Information Minister who came at the hospital to arbitrate.

Fayaz Chohan beaten by lawyers

Source: Pak Observer

Prime Minister Imran Khan, ordered an investigation into the incident, ordered Punjab provincial government to take serious action against all those associated in the incident.

Lawyers on Strike

Due to arrests, the LHBCA has called a province-wide strike. The police have detained several lawyers who were believed to be involved in the violence.

Sadly, there is no shame in the lawyers after inflicting several injuries to the doctors and people across. The sad incident showcases the mentality of our educated elite. How would the situation of a country improves if its lawyers behave in such a shameful way?
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