Writers Block – Sometimes Finding Inspiration Can Be Difficult!

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For the past three hours, I have been looking for a topic to write on and post on my blog. I have typed and erased, copy and pasted the erased writing, and looked for a topic to write on, on the internet. Yes, I did all that. I also texted my friend and told her that I am losing the inspiration to write. Then it hit me, why don’t I talk about what it feels like when you lose the inspiration to write and publish.

The last time I took out the time and wrote something with my full attention was in November. What date? I don’t exactly remember. And that right there, is how you rhyme. When you face a drastic situation, it goes two ways for a writer.

Either you write and let the flow that makes you type and write, take you away or you stop. Yes, stop. I lost my inspiration before and there is a chance that I might lose it after I publish two or three times. You can’t actually change that.


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What people don’t understand is that you can’t just open your laptop and just type. Ideas don’t start to flow in your head; you don’t always go with the flow when you’re typing on your keyboard. You don’t exactly know how many times I had to re-write a word, a sentence, a paragraph in this post.

We take our time, we think, we write, we edit and we add finesse to the work we put forth. I can’t write till I add all of those elements in my topic.


Source: Tumblr

If someone gives me a topic to write about, I’ll take the time to construct and re-write it if I have to. I joined a society in our university, ‘Shaoor society’. They did splendid work and had four wings on which they focused on at the same time. They had a literary wing as well which led to me applying. But I left it, because when they asked me if I would write on a topic they gave me.

My response to that was yes, but I would need time to find the inspiration and motivation to work on that. Maybe that wasn’t acceptable to them and even though I got in, I know that they wouldn’t understand what it actually means to have that motivation. And that they were just rude.

Right now, you can say that I am out of ideas, inspiration, and motivation. I am not the type of person that writes when they face a situation, rather I am the one who sits back, takes my time to mourn and watch seasons. Yes, that is how I cope. But I do want to change that and though, I might not have a topic to write about at the moment, I can tell and say this for all the writers that you cannot expect us to write and publish without inspiration.

I have many posts that I haven’t published because they aren’t worth it. They aren’t good. But I know I will write, I will write soon and it wouldn’t be about not finding inspiration it would be something worth posting and reading.

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