A Month Of Pleading Videos Finally Lands Meera Jee In Pakistan

After a month of Instagram videos and posts, actress Meera is finally back in Pakistan after being stranded in New York City during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The Baaji famed star took to social media to aware the government that she is trapped in a hotel room in New York amid quarantine.

Meera in a viral video can bee seen asking the authorities for help stating;

“New York is becoming a graveyard,” said Meera. “Every day, thousands are dying.I don’t want to die on foreign soil”

Courtesy: Instagram

In the video she addressed the Prime Minister Imran Khan saying, “Mr. Prime Minister, it’s 2 am here in New York and I am trapped in this hotel room addressing you right now.”

Meera jee’s safe return

Meera Finally lands in Pakistan and shared a video of her safe landing on Instagram.

She captioned the video saying, “Thanks to Allah, I am back in Pakistan. A big shout out to Pakistan Embassy Washington and New York Consulate. You guys are amazing. You work so hard to help our fellow Pakistanis overseas. Proud of you and praying for you! Stay blessed Pakistan!”.

As of now Meera remains quarantined at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore until she is cleared by the doctors off Coronavirus.

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