Filmmaker Jami Reveals How He Was Physically Abused By A Media Personality 13 Years Ago!

Filmmaker Jami

In such a short passage of time, many concealed unfortunate events have come upfront from Pakistan’s showbiz industry. Among other huge revelations from Pakistani celebrities, the #MeToo movement carries a separate weight.

Apparently, in this modern world, people leaving their comfort zone behind to speak against human maltreatment is commendable.

Relatively, Jami, a famous film director of the country, recently took to Twitter to share the unbearable misery he endured years back.

Filmmaker Jami revealed his life’s darkest secret!

Taking the #MeToo narrative further, it caught hype after Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi accused “Teefa In Trouble” star Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. Now, from time to time, the general public witnesses other people revealing the dark secrets of their lives.

Last week, Lahore High Court dismissed Meesha Shafi’s case against Ali Zafar regarding the #MeToo movement. Yesterday, on Sunday, well-known filmmaker Jami shared that he was physically abused by an influential media personality 13 years ago.

Writing about his strong support and connection with the #MeToo movement, the director shared, “Why I’m so strongly supporting #MeToo? Cuz I know exactly how it happens now, inside a room then outside courts and how a survivor hide confides cuz I was brutally raped by a very powerful person in our media world. A giant actually and yes I’m taller than him but…”

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, sexual harassment has become a more staggering topic in Pakistani society. Seeing the famous names of the industry coming out against the prevailing #MeToo stance is heart-rending.

Once again, the deteriorating winds have started to blow after several other celebrities previously, spoke against physical abuse. Filmmaker Jami also revealed his brutal truth on his official Twitter in a series of tweets and received a supportive call from the masses.

Continuing his thread, Jami further wrote, “I froze not sure why yes it really happens and happened to me. Till this day 13 years have passed, I curse myself why I didn’t take his eyes out but I was so close to this guy a friend, doing his mega shoots for his mega high-end books and museum launches etc maybe that’s why…”

“system shut down or I couldn’t believe WTF is going on. I told my few close friends but no one took it seriously. I told them so many times with the name of this tycoon but as if I’m a joker or something. Yes, high-end friends’ top-end friends in the media didn’t do anything. I spent 6…”

“or so a month in agha khan with a therapist and the usual pills Xanax or some shit screwed my head and then I left PK for few months to reboot. He came to my Father’s funeral also and instead of crying for Papa (who got to know before dying that I’m destroyed) I was hiding inside my…”

“own home telling mother who was also busy with her pain to run out and stop him from coming in. Fiasco fucking can’t even cry for my papa. Till this day I don’t ve the courage to come out and name him. It’s super tough. I know my own buddies will laugh and joke or whatever shit…”

“we all desi do. I’m writing this now cuz #MeToo is under attack and I’m ready to partially vomit out my own experience. It’s all true what the victims say and how they say or hide. It’s all an exact same pattern a victim goes through like clockwork as if DNA has an SOS gene to shut up…”

“or they all will rip u apart in the society. So one wrongful death doesn’t mean all victims r fake and liars. I’m pissed that they r attacking the movement and victims so I’m coming here today after 13 or so years to say 99.99% survivors r telling the truth always. No doubt ever!”

I never use to fight or this angry on social media or absurd in any way but after the incident, I’ve no clue how to shut up now for the victims and survivors. My personality changed in a few months and it’s very erratic the way I talk but I promised myself I will stand for all #MeToo.”

Concluding his 13 years back trauma, “I know its a suicide what I’m writing right now but this is important before they harm the movement. I know how they all will attack me also, oh BC why u stayed quiet till now? Oh, maan ka L… tuu mard hai ya kunjri? rape kur deita na usska pulut kur etc all attacks but its time.”

Particularly, it’s extremely positive to see such big names coming upfront against the unjustified elements of this cruel world. Last year also, Pakistani media personalities Nadia Jamil and Frieha Altaf revealed gruesome details of how they sexually abused in their childhood.

Everyone knows the high skill set of Jami when it comes to film-making but this revelation indeed is a shocking one.

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