Fighters Explain What It Is Like To Get Rocked And It’s Damn Scary

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Knock-outs are to Combat Sports what Sixes are to Cricket, or a last minute winner is to football. KOing your opponent is one of the most satisfying, although savage, feat for any fighter, and especially for a fan.

They are exciting, amazing, crazy. OMG! I can already feel the excitement. They are just ROCKING! But they are far from exciting or pleasant if you are on the receiving end.

Getting rocked, on the other hand, lies between a perfectly timed punch and a knockout, because a knockout means you’re gone and won’t remember what happened.

The receiver knows he is hit, but is not completely unconscious when rocked. The vision is blurred, but it’s not lights out, like you are having a short circuit in your system.

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Here is what top UFC and MMA fighters have felt when they got rocked by a fierce punch or a perfectly timed kick.

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Dan Hardy is one of the very best MMA fighters to have ever fought inside the octagon. His injuries led to his retirement and now works with the UFC as a commentator, analyst, and presenter. He shares his experience of getting rocked.

“The first time I got rocked, I was 7. I was in a Tae Kwan do Tournament and got kicked in the head. All I could remember is the smell of the mats because I was on my knees with my forehead on the mat.  It scared the hell of-of me for two years… but I eventually started competing again.”

Poor little Dan. Good that he grew up to become the savage who knocks the lights out of people. Here’s an example:

Source: UFC


UFC and Pride veteran middleweight Denis Kang explains what’s it like to get rocked in the sport. He has an interesting explanation.

“It feels as if you are drunk. Spinning around, struggling to find your balance. It’s crazy and sometimes even when you are rocked you have to continue swinging.. or else it’s nighty night.”

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Chicken dance? Drunk dance? NO! It’s just a fighter’s semi-conscious will to continue fighting when clearly he’s losing current. POOR DUDE.



Another one of the UFC Veterans. Maynard has fought against some of the toughest competitors in the UFC. From Nate Diaz to Kenny Florian, Frankie Edgar to Jim Miller, he has had some exceptional battles inside the Octagon. Unfortunately, he got rocked badly, not in a competition, but in a sparring (training) matchup against Light Heavyweight Legend, Forrest Griffin.

“When I got rocked, I had a bad taste in my mouth. Everything went white. I was sparring with Forrest (Griffin) and he got a little too emotional and struck me with a strong left hook. After that, I don’t remember much, except for that I was lying on the mat”

But I won’t be uploading the footage of Gray’s embarrassment because Forrest and him are a complete physical mismatch. Here’s Gray rocking and rolling and knocking his opponent out in 9 seconds though.

Source: Sports Joe

Mixed Martial Arts is growing in popularity in Pakistan, but the training itself is mammoth, let alone stepping into the octagon against a grown man. But if you are an MMA enthusiast and an aspiring fighter and want some crazy knock outs to your name, Ja Simran Ja Jee Lay Apni Zindagi. But like Referee Herb Dean always says: PROTECT YOURSELVES AT ALL TIMES.

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