Meet DIG Fida Hussain Mastoi – A Policeman In Sindh Who Helps Blind People With Their Medical Expenses!

Usually, Pakistanis are not seen happy with the services provided by the police department, especially in Sindh. Mostly infamous for the bribe culture prevailing within the country, the ‘muhafiz’ within are found involved in it. The poor performance in catching the bad guys and getting indulged in the political atmosphere is what loses the trust of the general public in the police. But as all the five fingers are not the same, similarly, every man in uniform is not filthy or corrupt.

Fida Hussain Mastoi and his efforts in brightening up others lives!

Among the negativity spread about the black uniforms, this policeman from Sindh is changing everyone’s perception. Providing his services as the Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Fida Hussain Mastoi has become a messiah for the blinds in Sindh. Majorly, helping those living below the poverty line, Mastoi has been taking charge of their medical expenses.

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Working for the families of rural areas who can’t even afford a proper three times meal per day, Fida Hussain Mastoi helps the blind and physically impaired people financially and even provides them with transportation. Keeping his ‘humanity first’ morale high, Mastoi is now being recognized more by his selfless efforts towards humanity rather than his police avatar.

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“I’m a human first then a policeman!”

Because of his love for other humans, Fida Hussain Mastoi has also been invited on different talk shows. Talking in a morning show, Mastoi said, “I’m a human first then a policeman. You just have to take the needy to the hospital and arrange operation leaving the rest to Allah, and he will help.” Further, he said, “I know its not an easy task but once you aim, there’s no stopping, believe in Allah and keep moving forward.”


Without seeking help from anyone, Mastoi has brightened up many lives with his own money. Now, even the hospitals have started recognizing him and have started supporting his cause. Explaining the problems of people who are blind by birth, Mastoi said, “A person who is born blind has a slight 5% to 10% chance of recovery and that’s the reason I take them to the best hospitals available.” He urges everyone to start helping others without expecting any benefit in return, even if the person is a criminal.

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Well, Fida Hussian Mastoi has definitely won hearts of Pakistanis by his dedication to make the world a better place. Help others and you will help yourself!

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