FIA Confirms Viral Kitten ‘Abuse’ Story Was Fake – Urges People To Be Responsible

kitten abuse story fake

A few days back, Pakistanis were in shock over the news of a kitten rape in Lahore. Viral pictures of the poor animal and the story of a teenager sexually assaulting a kitten in Lahore spread like a wildfire. Everyone was furious and disgusted, over such animal brutality. However, now it has been confirmed that the whole kitten abuse story was fake.

FIA Cybercrime Wing’s Assistant Director Asif Iqbal Chaudhry has confirmed that the story was baseless and false. After investigating, he said claims made by JFK Animal Shelter were fabricated with malicious intent and the whole kitten abuse story was fake to the core.

“No rape with Cat, confirmed by the Doctor. I am disgusted that how people put false blames. Such people are not only the cause of unrest in society but also the cause of disgrace of the country in the world. I appeal to the people not to share news on social media without confirmation as it brings disgrace to the country,” the FIA official wrote on Twitter.

Animal shelter home misled Pakistanis by a fake abuse story

The graphic details and the horrifying picture that was painted by JFK Animal Rescue left the whole nation in shambles. But, now they have quietly removed all the posts and evidence after the real story came out. The whole story about the kitten being abused was fake.

In JFK’s case, not only did the animal shelter fabricated and faked the kitten abuse story but also misled a lot of well-meaning animal rights activists. Simultaneously, as soon as the news of this awful incident spread; many agencies and even celebrities spoke up on the matter. In fact, many rescue and animal care representatives also calling out this brutality.

The entire case was horrifying. Now, we aren’t sure if we should be furious about the misleading information provided by the renowned animal shelter home. It made us feel sick to the core. But we should be relieved that all the incident was just a mere misunderstanding and this kitten abuse story was fake.


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