FIA Arrests 5 Pakistani Emigrants Working In Israel For 7 Years

FIA arrests Pakistani israel

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrests five Pakistani immigrants who worked in Israel for seven years.

They were violating different sections under the Passport Act 1974 and Emigration Ordinance 1979. The FIA’s Mirpurkhas Crime Cell arrested and registered five cases against eight suspects all of them were involved.

An Israeli woman holds a flag by Damascus gate just outside Jerusalems Old City June 15, 2021. — Reuters
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They were working as helpers and car washers as per the report.

As per the FIA spokesperson, “The suspects had each paid Israeli agents between 0.3 and 0.4 million rupees to enter the nation when they were based in Tel Aviv for four to seven years.”

FIA Arrests Five Pakistani Emigrants       

The suspects who were taken into custody were Noman, Kamil, Kamran, Zeeshan, and Anwar. They are Mirpurkhas and arrived in Israel via the airport in Jordan after passing through Turkey, Kenya, and Sri Lanka on Schengen visas.

FIA arrests five Pakistanis working in Israel - Minute Mirror
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We all are aware of what Israeli forces have been doing in Palestine. The spokesperson further said that the suspects had continued to send money to family members in Pakistan via Western Union and would also travel to Karachi from Jordan via Dubai.

Illegal Emigrants

The complaints against them were filed under various provisions of the Passport Act of 1974 and the Emigration Ordinance of 1979, which deal with the welfare of emigrants and the regulation of arrivals and departures from Pakistan.

5 Pakistanis who worked in Israel for up to 7 years arrested
Source: The News International

They used to send money back to their families in Pakistan through Western Union.

The suspects used to visit Pakistan on a connecting flight from Jordan and Dubai to Karachi Airport.

After the horrific Greece boat Disaster last month, along with questioning current border regulation systems and attempting to adopt more strict ones.

The federal government and the interior ministry announced a massive crackdown against people involved in human trafficking.

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