FIA Cyber Crime Wing Arrests Mohsin Abbas Haider & Nazish Jahangir For Interrogation

FIA Cyber Crime Wing Arrests & Interrogates Mohsin Haider Abbas & Nazish Jahangir

Things seem to be heating up once again in the love triangle of Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fatima Sohail, and Nazish Jahangir. Mohsin Abbas Haider’s ex-wife had filed a complaint against him and fellow actor, Nazish Jahangir, for which they are under interrogation. According to Fatima, they have been blackmailing and harassing her on social media.

The Load Wedding actor married Sohail in 2015 and the couple has a son together. Things went south and the two had a public falling out in early 2019. Former wife Sohail accused Haider of domestic violence and cheating on her with actress Jahangir. However, he denied all the allegations.

FIA Arrests & Interrogates Mohsin Haider Abbas & Nazish Jahangir

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Moreover, the couple’s marriage collapsed rather spectacularly as the two made bold claims against each other on national television. Not only that but they also held up the Holy Quran to prove their innocence. Ever since then Jahangir has been known as a homewrecker.

Mohsin Abbas Haider & Nazish Jahangir arrested

Now, the FIA Cyber Crime Wing collected shreds of evidence towards Haider and Jahangir. It has now sprung into action and late last evening, it was reported that the Cyber Crime Wing had arrested them.

Fatima Sohail thanks FIA for taking action

The former wife posted a video on her Instagram, and wrote, “Finally after a long legal battle against the injustice to me and my son FIA has found Mohsin And model Nazish guilty of the crime, fake videos and fake posts against me being circulated and harassing me on social media.”

In addition to this, Sohail went on to say that she kept quiet for a long time as the case was being investigated by the FIA and that she is hopeful for swift justice. Moreover, she concluded by asking everyone to remember her in their prayers.

Mohsin Abbas Haider denies rumors of the arrest

As it appears, the post garnered massive support for Sohail. In order to salve their conscience, Haider and Jahangir posed while eating ice cream and posted the picture, presumably after being interrogated by the FIA.

Well, of course. Reports have revealed that Mohsin Abbas and Nazish were taken into custody for interrogation and were later released. According to the reports, both were interrogated over the charges of blackmailing, harassment, pretend footage, and movies.

FIA Cyber Crime Wing took a whole entire year to gather evidence against the two. Subsequently, it finally took notice of the criticism filed by Haider’s former wife who got here up on media with extreme and critical complaints concerning her husband and his so-called girlfriend.

Soon the story will be making the headlines, as it does not seem to be dying out any time soon. Additionally, Haider and Jahangir have been summoned by the FIA on Monday for further processing. May justice prevail!


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