Feroze Khan Trolls Kangana Ranaut – Invites Indian Actress To Pakistan For ‘Tea’

feroze khan kangana ranaut india pakistan

The rivalry between Pakistan and India, since British rule, has been always difficult. From India using every opportunity to demean and defame Pakistan and Pakistan always responding in the best way possible.

Apart from the politicians, even Pakistani celebrities are often seen getting into heated debates with the arch-rival Indian celebrities. Among these profound celebrities, one of the most popular persons to defame Pakistan here and then is Kangana Ranaut.

feroze khan kangana ranaut india pakistan
Image: PinkVilla

Kangana Ranaut more than often is seen pointing fingers at Pakistan. May it be relevant or not, the Queen actress makes sure to find a way to bring a hate comment about Pakistan in the conversation.

Feroze Khan trolls Kangana Ranaut in the most classy way!

Hence, it took even us Pakistanis by surprise when Pakistani actor Feroze Khan decided to give the Indian actress a taste of her own medicine.

feroze khan kangana ranaut india pakistan
Image: Facebook

Just as Filmfare tweeted about her upcoming film ‘Tejas’ on Twitter, the VJ turned actor took this opportunity to remind her about India’s defeat in an attempted airstrike!

And it seems tea just got served for Kangana Ranaut too! Not only did Khan win our hearts by his extraordinary performance in the entertainment industry; no it seems that the star just knows how to drop the mike at the right time!

In addition to that, what we find more amusing is the way Indians have started to respond. Looks like Khan’s trolling hit a bit too close to a sour spot for Indians!

Overall, another banter between Indian and Pakistani netizens is probable in the upcoming hours.

What we find truly amusing is how Indian media could go to any lengths to hamper the image of Pakistan. In line with that, their delusional reporting has become quite funny and amusing for Pakistanis rather than being offensive!

Simultaneously, even Pakistanis are adding more salt to the wound by responding to Khan’s tweet in the same manner!

All in all, the actual response we are waiting for is Ranaut’s. We are sure it will be something completely out of the box and every Pakistani will be more than overjoyed to reply back!

In a nutshell, we are sure Pakistan and India will always have this bittersweet relationship; but trolling is something that makes it worthwhile. We wonder how Indian media will be portraying this news!

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