Feroze Khan Finally Opens Up About His Surprise Marriage And Current Life

Yesterday, the heartthrob Feroze Khan surprised everyone on Twitter with the hashtag #AskFeroze. He patiently waited for all his fans to ask him all the questions related to his career and married life. People showered him with all the love and support and told him how much they love his Mir Hadi character.

This is probably Feroze’s first interaction with the public after his marriage so people did not leave any stone turned! Feroze got married in a such a haste that people couldn’t digest the fact he chose someone, not from the showbiz. Feroze seems to be running right now with all his upcoming projects alongside his newly married life. But he still took out time to talk to die-hard fans!

Here’s Feroze’s tweet!

His big day!

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Here’s all the love and questions that his followers poured!

Love from India!



Here are his replies to his fans!

One of his fans asked him about his latest jam!

Another asked him about his married life… Awww! ;’)

Someone asked what motivates you

People were curious about what was the most challenging thing during the shoot of Khaani

And some poured a bit more love!

And Feroze, too, is much excited about the new Bollywood film Sanju!

May they both be blessed!

So cute it is! No? He took out time for his fans and made sure that no one leaves unattended! Very thoughtful of him. Do we have any die-hard Feroze fans here?

What do you think?

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