Feroze Khan Caught Dancing with His Wife on Their Star-studded Mehndi is Literally the Cutest Thing Ever

Feroze Khan started working in Pakistani Dramas a few years back and he earned his name by his work and the dedication that he has always put in every project! The good thing that everyone likes about Feroze Khan was that despite being the brother of “Humaima Malick”, he never jumped on her sister’s fame to get into the industry. Today, people like him for his acting and his demeanor.

Feroze Khan has been in the headlines ever since his wedding bells started making noise which became inevitable for people to notice. Last week, his wedding card’s photo went viral and everyone on the internet went crazy with shock. Since his previous affair was so famous that everyone was sure that he and Sajal will get married by hook or crook, but to everyone’s surprise he’s not marrying Sajal but someone outside from the showbiz industry.

The festivities have just started and people are taking notes from Feroze’s dholki and mehndi! Here are all the photos and videos that you need to see from his wedding celebration.

Sonya Hussyn danced on Feroze’s wedding and boy oh boy. Them moves!

Oh Em Geeee! Isn’t it too adorable to handle?

Wait! What? Is this Humayun Saeed? Woah!


The ever beautiful couple Fawad Khan and Sadaf too attended the mehndi ceremony of Feroze Khan

This is the video that needs more attention than anything else! Feroze Dancing with her wife on their mehndi. *Heart Eyes*

Dua Malick and her husband dancing. This couple though! MA MA

And the most awaited dance! Humaima Malick and her adaeein… Hayeee!

The photo that sums up the event

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All the friends and lovely people in one photo! We can’t handle all this star dust. <3

Some more from Humaima! Can anyone of you get over her dance moves? It’s too beautiful to scroll up

How many Mir Hadi fans do we have in here? Make some noise in the comments section below and show love to Humaima and Feroze’s dance! Much love! 😉

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