Feroze Khan Shutting Down His Haters With Witty Replies Is Something You Need To See Today!

Feroze Khan has to be one the many heartthrobs that we have in Pakistan. Two months back, the boy’s wedding was all over the place and everyone’s Instagram feed was flooded with photos of the wedding. As he was seen with Sajal  Aly quite a lot, everyone expected them to continue their “relationship” and end up getting married. However, Feroze caught everyone by surprise when he announced his wedding on Instagram. He shocked everyone by marrying someone out of the showbiz fraternity. But guess what?! She is SUPER cute and lovely! Oh boy, Feroze is a lucky man.

Since Feroze has been trending for another reason as people loved him for his role of Mir Hadi in “Khaani”, he’s adored by many people for his this particular role. The whole story of the drama serial “Khaani” and the cast is just zabardast. 

Look at them! Just look *whistles*

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Recently, Mir Hadi (Feroze Khan) posted a photo on his Instagram and in the photo, he is sitting with his father in the drama serial Mir Shah. The photo shows the sheer elegance of both the actors but some people seemed to have a problem with it. You know, just a few haters in the flock of fans?

The last episode soon to hit the TV

But the haters! Oh, the Haters


Feroze is always seen to be very calm with his haters and he’s witty AF


And some of the haters are “farigh” enough to spread hate


Oh Feroze, we can’t love you enough!


No wonder he’s a heartthrob! We would love to see more of Feroze on the TV. Aren’t we already waiting for his next project?! And yeah, good luck with your new married life and beautiful wife.

What do you guys think?

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