Feroze Khan and Alizey Looked Adorable On Their “Chauthi” and We Can’t Help but Say “Masha’Allah”

Feroze Khan has been in the headlines since the day his wedding invite was out. People just couldn’t believe that he’s actually getting married. For many reasons like; wasn’t he dating Sajal Aly? Weren’t they engaged? All these thoughts broke when the wedding invitation card made it’s round on the social media.

People were curious to know who he has chosen to marry and because the internet has to approve her first, for Feroze! Pfft! Who’s Feroze to choose for himself, right? So, it happened. When photos spread on the internet of Alizey Fatima, a vast majority did not approve her for Feroze. Like, seriously?? She’s the cutest! The wedding was a hot topic on the internet but the mehndi ceremony was a win-win!!! All the celebs danced their heart out. Humayun Saeed, Humaima Malick and many more. After the main ceremonies, come the rasamein. So, after the wedding, we all know that many people follow a few rasams that take place after the wedding festivities. And well, Feroze’s family did too.

It’s the beauty of all such rasams that make weddings more interesting. “Chauthi” rasam of the couple

Mr. and Mrs. Feroze Khan. WOW!!!!

Ahhhh! The three cuties :’)

This following video is from a family get together that happened shortly after the chauthi rasam, where Feroze’s brother-in-law, Sohail Hyder, the lead singer of the OST Dastaan, sang the beautiful song at the family get together for the newly-wed couple. Humaima recorded the video and it’s lovely!

This has to be the best wedding video, there must be others as well but this one is enthralling

The memories that will tie the knot with wedding band they both hold on their fingers!

Weddings are beautiful for the reason that you see two people making vows for each other. You make them see how their eyes glimmer knowing they are around each other and the heartfelt promises they make to stand by each other no matter what. However, all the hate that internet is giving to Alizey will not affect her because as long as Feroze is with her, she doesn’t need anything else. All the love and prayers to both of them. Cheers. 🙂

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