Feroze Khan Aims to Win an Oscar One Day And People Couldn’t Hold Back Their Comments

Feroze Khan, as one of the most dynamic young actors present in our drama industry, continues impressing the critics and his fan-following by giving one exhilarating performance after another. As one of the most seen dramas in the recent days, Khaani came to end on 2nd July and the audience was thrilled throughout the journey.

Impressing the audience one episode at a time, Feroze Khan’s character Mir Hadi left quite an impact on not just his female fan-following, but for drama fanatics as well.

Just Look at Fan Accounts In the Name of Feroze Khan’s Character


Much credit goes to the drama itself as well. While talking about Khaani, the storyline and the lead actress Sana Javaid deserve the credit alongside Feroze Khan as well.

Just Look at the Impact the Drama Has Had on the Massive Indian Audience Khaani Built

The tables have turned – there was a time when Pakistanis were glued to the television screens watching Indian dramas all day long. With the quality content produced in our country now, seems like we have made quite a number of fans in the neighboring land as well.


So anyway, the last episode of Khaani aired at the beginning of the month and it received a massive response.

All Over TV and Social Media!



And Of Course, Feroze Khan’s Performance Was THE Talked About Subject When the Final Episode Aired

The Show Managed to Break Some Records on YouTube As Well

On Receiving Such a Massive Response from the Fans and the Audience, Feroze Khan Talked the Everyone for their Kind Words

In a tweet he shared, Feroze Khan thanked everyone for their support and assured he will not let this response get to his head. He further expressed how he will keep working hard till the day he wins an Oscar…AN OSCAR…

Here’s the tweet:

And Here’s the Mix Response from the Locals


This One Said Getting LSA Is a Sure-Shot!

Well, there is nothing wrong in dreaming and working hard to achieve the goals and wishes we all make, but let’s just say – one has to be realistic.

Feroze Khan indeed had an amazing performance and surely, with talents such as his, the future of our drama industry is bright!

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