Pakistanis Are Criticizing Female Celebrities Who Wore Revealing Clothes At Awards, Following Indian Culture

One of the most awaited award shows just happened in Pakistan Karachi and celebrities brought their A-game to the red carpet. We are talking about beautiful dresses from edgy to gowns that scream princess; men didn’t stay behind and looked equally charming as well. However, considering the majority of our country is conservative, the glitz and glamour side of our entertainment industry is not their cup of tea.

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Their outfits definitely gave many an itch in their hands that led them to their keyboards and we know how that goes. Take this for example.

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So we all know the usual drill, everyone waits to see what the female celebrities and models will wear to the carpet and then there is a discussion on who looked the best. So this time around Pakistanis compared the ladies to the Indian celebrities. Why? Well for their choice of dresses. According to Pakistan’s culture and society, their clothes were being deemed as ‘revealing’ and ‘Indianized’ by the masses.

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A lot of the female actresses and models were shamed online and sneered at.

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Exhibit A: “Welcome To Indian”

The clothes in which our talented and famous actresses walked in are more commonly worn in Middle-Eastern and European countries including India, however, Pakistani female celebs definitely rocked those looks. We need to develop a sense of acceptance and tolerance within ourselves and be mindful of the fact that every single person has the right to choose what they wear and how they represent themselves.

Their choice of clothing doesn’t reflect their character, moral standing, and ethics. But we are quick to jump to not only question their character but the kind of upbringing they had.

Live and let live.

People Didn’t Spare These Beautiful Women Online.

“Aunties needs to focus on prayers wearing these uncovered clothes doesn’t suit them..”

“#LSA2019 great to watch the entertainment. But why do we follow west? Why couldn’t our stars wear Eastern attire? I m sorry no one looked appropriate in the western attire cuz u were not what u are.”

“They have gone beyond limits in following Bollywood forgetting what their religion and norms teach”

Although the internet has given everyone freedom of speech and they can indeed express their disapproval of the attire worn by our Pakistani stars but judging them on a personal level is highly uncalled for.

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