Federal Minister Aviation Takes Notice Of New Islamabad Airport Ceiling After It Collapses Amidst Rain

islamabad new airport accident

Heavy rains and the monsoon season leaves a mark each year in Pakistan. From broken wires and roads in Karachi; to flooded areas in different rural areas of Pakistan. As much as rain is a blessing in terms of religion, negligence and poor management turns it into a curse for the civilians!

Federal Minister Aviation takes notice

Recently, the viral video of the New Islamabad Airport’s horrifying ceiling collapse took the social media by a storm. People called out the government and the institution’s management for sheer negligence.

The Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar and Director General Civil Aviation Authority have taken complete notice of the situation and are looking into the matter.

As a matter of fact, a report on this tragic incident is immediately demanded by the officials from the New Islamabad Airport administrative officers to look into the matter.

The preliminary reports are suggesting that the cause of this rooftop accident is due to faulty construction of the newly developed airport. Senior Joint Secretary while talking to a local news channel states: “The DG has directed the issue to be resolved in 3 days; regarding the faulty construction”.

New design for the airport in the pipeline!

In addition, it is also requested that the designs of the rooftop to be changed; so that a more propelling drainage system can be installed. Hence, Federal Minister Aviation is now going to visit the site himself on 17th August 2020. In addition, a new design for the new airport, is already in the pipeline. It is to assure that no such incident takes place in the future.

Simultaneously, reports also suggest that within 90 minutes 56mm rain is recorded in Islamabad on 14th August 2020. The ceiling cracked due to excessive water leakage at various locations.

If we look at it, this isn’t the first damage that is caused due to excessive rains throughout the country. Karachi is literally looking like a lower version of Venice, Italy. In fact, brutal accidents due to the heavy rain has caused many to lose their lives.

The roads are flooded with sewage and rain water in Karachi also. With no one to take notice of the situation. As of now, we are only fearful of what might happen next, as the monsoon season hits Pakistan full force.

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