Fawad Rana’s Interview After Lahore Qalandar’s 5th Defeat Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today!

As much as Lahore Qalandars fans get angry based on the defeats their team has faced this season, they get even sadder when they see Fawad Rana. The man behind LQ gets extremely happy when the team (rarely) performs well and also equally upset when they are thrashed right in front of his eyes.

Here’s An Example:

Despite Lahore Qalandars showing a horrible display of performance this season (zero wins and all losses), Fawad Rana makes sure to remain on the optimistic side of life.

In an Interview After Losing Against Islamabad United, Fawad Rana Just Showed How You Can Be Optimistic When Life Isn’t Showing the Results You Need!

He shared how despite getting another defeat he is proud of debutant Salman Irshad from Kashmir who took a wicket and made a decent debut. That too, taking the wicket of Misbah Ul Haq on the very first ball.

Fawad Rana shared how proud he is seeing how young players are emerging, based on his ideology behind LQ.

He Even Reflected on How he Has Faith in the Team and they Will Make a Comeback Soon!

He Went on Saying that he Believes Umar Akmal Will Bounce Back As Well

Well…now that’s something we can never believe in…

Here’s the Link to his Complete Interview:

Well, Mr. Fawad Rana, we wish to have the same positive vibes as you do during these matches when the team goes down. Also, we just hope that LQ starts performing because we love to see you smile and jump around more!

Let’s hope LQ doesn’t end this season with ZERO amount of wins.

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