Fawad Khan Gets Criticized Again by this Indian Journalist Who Simply has No Chill!

Fawad Khan’s name is enough to start a quick and never-ending discussion over the secret of his attractiveness, mainly amongst women. His cult following for sure isn’t questionable because all the Fawadphiles out there go into autopilot mode while having a delightful smile on their faces along with their hearts filled with desire. However, he never let his appearance overshadow his phenomenal acting skills. Furthermore, the supremely talented Fawad Khan has for sure raised the bar for all the Khans out there and might have given them a feeling to gear themselves up.

After all these years of working in this industry, the Tele drama “Humsafar” became the first breakthrough of his career in which not only his chemistry but his portrayal of Ashar was also outstanding. And then came “Zindagi Gulzar hai” in which he nailed being a romantic husband, a possessive and an obedient lover. Eventually, it all made the world go all gaga over him.

Pakistani Drama Review

While Fawad was shining brightly in the sky, even India got the privilege of watching his dramas when Zee Network launched a special channel after which he got approached by the Bollywood industry.

Despite 2016’s ban on Pakistani artists, Fawad Khan still made it to the nominations for the Best Supporting Actor at the Film fare Awards 2017 for his role in Kapoor and Sons along with that, the well-known magazine Herald named him as one of the 10 people of the year. Regardless of the ugly relations between the neighboring countries, he was still immensely loved for his role as Dj Ali in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

But hold your horses! Some people got a bit jealous and it was none other than Soumyadipta Banerjee who is a leading Indian journalist. The hater in the past year wrote an open letter to Fawad Khan in which he called our heart throb a coward:

“Fawad, you lack courage. You lack conviction. Finish what you are doing Fawad and then do us a favor by going back to Pakistan. You see, what you have earned here is enough to last a lifetime.”

 Are your jawans scared of our actors?

Mr. Banerjee might have gotten bored of himself because this year he strikes once again with his same old garbage talk, he tweeted on Tuesday saying:

Peace first and then comes everything!

The audience from both the nations have given him the shut up call that was much needed if you have missed it then here is a glimpse of it:

He has a point!

Holla to yellow journalism

True that


How about that?

Attention-seeking game strong


Take notes

Fawad over everyone!!

It is about time that we realize that art is not a political agenda. So, stop using it for your cold wars and your own frustrations. The artists from both the countries should not be held accountable for what they have no control over.

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