14-Year-Old Domestic Worker Hassan Died In A Faulty Elevator In Clifton Karachi While The Authorities Slept!

A mere kid in hopes of reuniting with his family back home this weekend didn’t know Allah had different plans for him on the blessed Friday. A teenage house help passed away from being stuck in an elevator for more than four hours. This is a stark reminder of how short our lives are. That at any moment it can be taken away from us.

Yes, the rat race was unavoidable but the unnecessary drama and problems that we invite is just an additional self-created burden. Think about it. You too, God forbid, could pass away meeting a sudden situation leaving behind many loved ones but stepping into a different realm altogether. Daunting, indeed.

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This Teenage Boy Was Rescued A Little Too Late, After A Great Amount Of Struggle To Open The Already Malfunctioning Elevator. Local And Sindh Government, Nowhere To Be Found. 

Sources: ARY

14-year-old Hassan worked as a domestic worker on the third floor of a residential building in Clifton, Karachi located in Block 2 near Boat Basin police station. According to the Boat Basin Head Muhrir Bashir Ahmed, Ahsan was stuck in an elevator for about four hours. The officer told that a few volunteers from the Edhi Foundation and elevator technicians played the role of a savior, however, they retrieved a lifeless body of Ahsan. Since they arrived after four hours.

Sources say, the apartment administration took immediate measures and contacted the concerned authorities but no one responded. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmaker Khurrum Sher Zaman expressed his anger upon the provincial government who didn’t play their part and saving the boy in time.

Hassan had to visit Quetta on Saturday, which is his hometown. No case has been registered as yet, as told by Bashir Ahmed. Furthermore, his body has been shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for an autopsy and his postmortem is underway. Until, all the reports are submitted no further action will be taken, regarding registering of a case.

This must be difficult for his family, especially his parents who sent him far off to earn bread for his family. We hope every parent that has to bear the loss of a young child, find solace, peace, and courage to continue on without them. May the sleeping authorities of Sindh, wake the hell up.

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