3-Year-Old Fatima Becomes A New Target Of Child Abuse In Punjab

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Another innocent Child barbarically victimized. This time in Patoki, Punjab, where a three-year-old Iman Fatima was sexually abused.

According to the local police, a three-year-old minor girl was raped by a vicious beast who entered her house while she was alone.

The police have arrested the accused, who in police custody, has confessed to the crime.

After the arrest of the accused, the police have also arrested the girl’s mother Zarina Bibi who had an illicit relationship with the accused.

The accused and the mother had an illicit affair

Both the arrest were made after Fatima’s Uncle filed an FIR against the accused and the girl’s mother who had an illicit affair with the accused

 According to SHO President Patoki Syed Zaheer Alam, the accused has pleaded guilty after his arrest.

The girl’s uncle added that there was a ‘deep rift’ between the girl’s mother Zarina Bibi and accused Abid.

According to further details, two days ago, Iman, the three-year-old daughter of the late Muhammad Aslam, a resident of Labana Chak No. 37, a village near Patoki was playing in her house alone when the accused subjected her to such a brutal and heinous crime.

When little Fatima screamed, the accused also tortured her

According to the reports, the girl was brought to Tehsil Headquarters Patoki in critical condition where doctors referred her to Lahore.

The girl’s grandfather Abdul Hameed was also present when the accused brutalized the innocent little girl. Abdul Hameed witnessed the whole incident with his own eyes but as a paralyzed patient could not face the accused.

He however screamed and shouted with all his might but the accused fled the scene. The girl’s grandfather unable to bear the grief died last night.

The girl’s mother Zarina Bibi brought the injured girl to Patoki where doctors rushed her to Lahore Jinnah Hospital who then referred the victim to Children’s Hospital where the little girl is undergoing treatment.

Bite marks on victim’s face

The little girl was also tortured for making noise as the bite marks on the victim’s face are clear.

At the written request of the girl’s uncle Muhammad Akram, Patoki police station had registered a case against the accused.

DPO Kasur Zahid Nawaz took notice and sent a team led by DSP Patoki who arrested the accused.

How much longer are we going to sit safely and cozily in our homes while a little Zainab or Fatima is abused. When is the government going to take strong measures against such culprits! High time to set an example so that no other little child goes through the same violence.

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