Fathom (Poem)

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I saw a smile, a mile away

It froze me to ice, in the middle of the day.

I gazed at the charm, oh creature of clay

The moment soon ended, I wish it would stay.

It trembled my balance, as I saw those eyes,

Surrounded by burden of tears and lies.


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She turned around and started to walk,

I couldn’t resist but tempted to talk.

As time passed by, I could see the sun go

I followed her to see for I had to know.

Her sorrows were real but less did she show.

How hurt was she in, she started walking slow.


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I could hear her cry, the heaviness of her heart

She had to be pulled, stopped from being apart.

I had no clue, not even who she was,

Her smile kept me moving, her scent had a clause.

I took her name in an attempt to redeem,

She pushed me away, how she could have seen?


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I looked like a fool trying to shoot the stars,

For all that I cared were to overcome her scars.

She still walks alone hiding under her skin

I honour her soul, follow till my lights go dim.


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