‘Larkion Wali Zindagi Main Maza Nahi Ata Tha’ – Kasur Boy Feels Happy After Gender Change

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Changing gender through medical procedures is regarded as a taboo in Pakistan. However, on the appearance of natural signs of the opposite gender, doctors do perform sex-change procedures. A father in Kasur turned his only daughter into a boy with a sex reassignment procedure.

Hifza, who is 17-year and a matric student, had her gender changing operation 22 days ago. She is now a boy. Her father Ghulam Mustafa took her to a surgeon who did some medical tests. He told him that this is not his daughter, in fact, it is a son. The doctor assured that after an operation, her gender will change.

Father In Kasur Turns His Only Daughter Into A Boy After Surgical Process
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The father came home and talked to his wife and mother (Hifza’s grandmother). Yasir Shami, a famous host at Daily Pakistan, asks a series of questions with the family.

The reason why the gender change was more of a miracle?

She was his only child. And for 17 years, his mother has been praying for a grandson. According to Shami, God listened to the prayers of his mother and blessed them with a son.

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With the help of an operation, the doctor turned Hifza into a boy. When he was a girl, he used to have long hair, wore glasses, took a scarf, and all girls were friends with him in school.

After turning into a boy, he changed his entire appearance. He cut his hair, took off the glasses, and wears male clothes now. Moreover, he wears male watches, and shoes now as well.

After the surgical process, his name was changed from Hifza to Mohammad Ahmed. He left behind his previous gender and has embraced the new one. Upon asking which life he likes more- as a female or male, Ahmed opted for life as a boy.

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“This life is fun. As a girl, I was not allowed to go outside. But now I can go wherever I want to. I can even ride a bike, and no one can stop me.”

He always wanted to be a boy

Shami asked the boy, “Are you still friends with the female friends you had in school? Or do they hesitate now?” Ahmed responded, “Yes I am still friends with them. They came to congratulate me. But now we do not sit so close. We only shake hands, and sit afar from each other.”

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In addition to this, Ahmed tells that he never liked his long hair as a girl before. He always wanted a short hair cut. Upon asking if he ever imagined that he would turn into a guy, he said he did.

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Several cases of similar nature have surfaced in the recent past with the latest being two sisters in Sargodha who underwent a gender change surgery after their parents kept praying for sons.

Additionally, the parents of a 3-year-old boy just had his gender-change operation recently.

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