Father Of Two Accuses Sindh Govt Of Wrongly Testing His Kids For COVID-19

Sindh Government Wrongly Testing COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the fatal coronavirus, the world has been caught into several conspiracy theories relating to the matter. Apparently, just like other countries, Pakistani authorities are also making tiring efforts to fight against it. However, it doesn’t seem to be the same case now as the Sindh government is facing severe allegations of wrongly treating the helpless citizens.

Over the years, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has only stricken its political roots within the Sindh province. Last weekend, well-reputed journalist Iqrar Ul Hassan aggressively bashed the Sindh government for their corruption over the years. This time, it’s the vulnerable citizens who are accusing the Sindh government of wrongly testing them for coronavirus.

The false coronavirus test of two small kids

Currently, a heart-rending video of a man weeping for his brother’s children is gathering attention on social media. As per the circulating video, one of the kids is of 6 years while the other is of four years only. The authorities picked them up from home for coronavirus without any confirmation or suspicion.

کرونا کے نام پہ کونسی سازشوں کا جال بُنا جا رہا ہے ظلم کی انتہاء کر دی شیئر کریں

کرونا کے نام پہ کونسی سازشوں کا جال بُنا جا رہا ہے ظلم کی انتہاء کر دییہ کیسے ممکن ہے کہ ماں کا رزلٹ negative آئے اور اس کے ساتھ سارا دن کھیلتے کودتے ڈیڑھ اور 4 سالا بچوں کا کورونا positive آجائے؟??زیادہ سے زیادہ شیئر کریں

Gepostet von Ammar Khan Yasir Official am Samstag, 9. Mai 2020

Later, both the children were declared coronavirus positive while their mother tested negative. The main question that arises is that the kids stay with their mother all day long then how can there be different test results? According to the man, till now, no one has even tested positive for the disease in his whole area and that this is a conspiracy of the Sindh authorities.

Positive members, negative members

Certainly, this is just the tip of an iceberg as social platforms are filled with such stories but no one to look into it. Currently, two members of the Sindh assembly got them tested for coronavirus as per the procedure. After getting tested in a provincial government facility the results came positive. Later, they took the same test in a private facility and they were declared negative.

سندھ میں کرونا کے سرکاری ٹیسٹ مشکوک ہوگئے ۔۔ دو ارکان اسمبلی کے سرکاری ٹیسٹ کا رزلٹ مثبت اور نجی لیب سے منفی آگیا ۔۔ سندھ سرکار کے ٹیسٹ پر سوال اٹھ گئے۔

Gepostet von Irfan Ch am Sonntag, 10. Mai 2020

Among the two, one is PPP MPA Rana Hamir Singh from the Tharparkar region and the other is MPA Rashid Shah. Apparently, it seems like the Sindh government isn’t ready to eradicate the deadly virus completely, maybe for the funds? There is not one, not two but many other similar cases torturing innocent citizens to create chaos.

Speaking on the gathered pieces, it appears as if the Sindh is forcefully escalating the coronavirus situation to create panic. Because of such conditions, recently, a young doctor in Sindh committed suicide over the fear of contracting the disease. Well, these are not good signs and the higher authorities should look into this conspired game and end it.

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