Man From Lahore Who Lost His Whole Family In PIA Crash Urges PM Khan To Help Find Bodies

Father PIA Crash Appeals PM

After finding the dead bodies of his wife and his daughter, this courageous father, Arif Farouqi, is still restless as he hasn’t yet found his other two children from the plane crash. The bereaved father has been appealing PM Imran Khan to look into the matter, take control, and find the other two missing children that he hasn’t heard of yet.

In the videos that he recorded and shared on social media in an attempt to raise voice for his children, he keeps mentioning the mishandling of the entire situation.

This was the first video that came out following the day of PIA plane crash. Until now, it has been 5 days, and the sorrowed father hasn’t found the remaining two children. He keeps updating the followers of his call on his twitter account:

A human of vigor and strength

In these videos, he also points out how he himself identified the bodies of his wife as well as his daughter. He mentions the details with the help of which he found his family and further complains about the authorities who not only mishandled the case but are completely oblivious of the right procedure. “If it were up to them, my daughter and wife would have been handed over to someone else. I was the one to identify them from their attires. And now my remaining two children are missing,” he complains.

His recent video

Arif Farouqi, the bereaved father, is still not letting go of the matter until he has found his children. We look at him and cannot tell how devastated he is but only by his undying hope to find his remaining lost children. We cannot imagine his pain but what we can do is help him make his way to the PM so that his case is finally solved.

“I have spoken with commissioner and assistant commissioner who are clueless about the procedure. I have talked to Mr. Imran Ismail but he has no idea what to do, what to say. This is the state of affairs right now,” he continues complaining.

His appeal to the Prime Minister Imran Khan

“There is no update. There is no update regarding the DNA samples. There is total confusion on the part of your ministers, commissioners, and the government. I don’t know if I should blame the Sindh Government. Nobody has answers,” then he further goes on to extend his appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan. He is hopeless but he wouldn’t stop until he has found his remaining children.

Twitteraties in support

Ever since his video came forth, not only the celebrities but also people have joined hands to uplift his voice until it reaches Imran Khan, who did try to help him but all in vain. Have a look at how twitteraties are responding to this tragic happening:

What can we do?

He won’t stop until he finds his remaining lost children. And it is our duty to make his words viral so the government actually takes some action, and this time, put an end to this misery for his restless heart. He is not the only one with the same appeal, though. Another wife suffering the loss of her husband in this plane crash is appealing IK to help her find her husband. There are many who haven’t yet found their loved ones.

These are extremely difficult times for people suffering in general due to COVID-19 and for people who are still suffering the aftermath of this plane crash. While some people are engaged in discussing whose fault this whole situation was, there are also those who are trying to help these people by sending them warm condolences. Pick your side and do your pat before it’s too late.

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