WATCH: This Pakistani Father Has A Baby Bomb & Millions Of Fans On Tiktok

Father, Daughter Duo Amasses Millions Of Views On Tiktok and Instagram

The fact can’t be denied that Pakistanis just love entertainment. Currently, most trending entertainment is a short video app named TikTok. Each passing day we get to see users from different social backgrounds turning into celebrities. As the lockdown continues more and more people seem to join this platform.

There is no denying the fact that TikTok has been so controversial but on the positive side, it has many positives too. It has now become one of the most downloaded app of Pakistan in 2019.

Kashif and Ananya entertain Pakistanis through TikTok

Kashif and his daughter are among those rising TikTok celebrities who are making their 336K followers’ quarantine time better with their cute and funny videos. Their videos contain meaningful messages containing humor for society.

See this funny Instagram post where this duo making money out of selling kidneys and eyes. This duo is getting famous by spreading some humor and cracking funny jokes over TikTok.

Watch how Anaya is bargaining with the dentist and saving money. Just see how this father and daughter, spreading smiles and make our lock down time funny.


Check out another beautiful video where the daughter asks her father if she is cute or not.


Check out this TikTok video. Anaya is on the run after snatching her uncle’s mobile. Another positive thing is their cute relationship, how they so brilliantly manage to team up in every other video that perfectly fits in. This father-daughter duo is a cute example of father-daughter love and bonding.

We recommend you not to miss this one. Look for yourself how this little angel got driving skills.

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Apart from fun and humor, this TikTok will bring tears to your eyes. See how painful is this to lose the people in moments. Anaya and her dad portraying target killing here in this video.

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And another one…

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They look super cute.


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Anaya’s sister Eshaal joins them sometimes in this funny Tik Tok experience.

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TikTok as an alternate source of income

As a society, we need such examples to stop stereotype beliefs from spreading. TikTok Pakistan celebrities who get millions of followers become popular on social media and gain recognition. Moreover, it is not just another application. For some, it has also become a side career now. As a result, TikTok celebrities like Ananya and her father can also reap monetary benefits from it.

No doubt Anaya and her father are doing a great job by spreading smiles in this tough time and portraying the true bond of a father-daughter relationship. If you haven’t followed Kashif and Anaya on TikTok, then do it immediately and enjoy their videos. We can just hope that this father-daughter can entertain us more in the future.

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