Heartbroken Father Takes His Life After Watching Children Drink Only Water In Iftaar

heartbroken father

In a news going viral on social media, a heartbroken father committed suicide during the holy month of Ramadan. The reason? He could not afford food for his children.

These tough times of COVID-19 have forced many to sleep hungry at night. With the economy in a poor condition and a lockdown in place since the last two months, many lives and livelihoods have been hurt.

Aamna Bibi, the man’s wife, went live on Samaa TV to share her ordeal. She said that because there was no food, the children had to break their fast with water. The family could not even afford the basic essentials of a supper.

When the father saw his children’s condition and what they were having for iftaar, it literally broke his heart. The man, later that night, took poison pills and ended his life. This story has to be one of the most hurting and heartbreaking ones to come out of these tragic pandemic times.

Aamna Bibi added that the day her husband took his life, they had been hungry for 5 days!

Imagine, what a father must have been going through, which made him take his own life. Imagine the pain and helplessness of this poor man who could not feed his children. Even though the government and other sectors of society are trying their best to do charity, it is being impossible to reach every family.

As a result, people showed their sadness and disgust at the incident. This is how social media reacted to the tragic news.


When stories like these emerge, one cannot do anything but say ‘Alhamdullilah for everything’.

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