Father Begs For Child’s Life After Sindh CM’s VIP Protocol Denies Entry To Hospital

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When a VIP like Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah is out on the roads, it is always the common people who have to suffer. The provincial CM visited Larkana on Tuesday to review the coronavirus situation in the region. However, during the visit, in the name of security, locals were left at the mercy of Sindh police which just acts as puppets obeying their masters.

Due to the CM’s VIP security protocol, main roads and smaller streets going towards the areas where Shah was visiting were sealed. Contingents of police were deployed at every corner.

It was at that time when poor parents of a critically ill child tried to take him to a nearby hospital, they had to beg to these VVIP assistants (police) to let him pass the security barriers

Someone caught the troubling incident on a camera and since then, the video has been doing rounds on social media and people are outraged.

The Larkana police heartlessly told the helpless parents to return to their home, knowing that the child needed medical assistance. The police officials not only stopped the couple in the middle but they also verbally abused them. Although the father of the child kept requesting them to let him take the child to the hospital before he lost his control over his emotions. The child seems unconscious and seriously ill.

“Let him die, we don’t care,” the police official said. “Take your child back home we can’t let you go to the hospital. Sindh government officials are on a day-long visit,” one of the officers added.

Inhumane behavior by Sindh police

The inhumane behavior by the police officials has shocked people. They are paid to protect the civilians of this country on priority, not any VVIP all the time.

Yesterday, three localities of the Larkana district were completely sealed by the district administration after confirmation of 14 new coronavirus cases. Sindh CM attended a meeting with PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari through a video link. They also discussed the current coronavirus situation in Larkana.

On one hand, where Sindh CM concerned over the increase in coronavirus cases in Larkana, on the other hand, he wasn’t even aware that the Sindh police were not helping people on the roads because he was in town. Who knows if the kid had coronavirus too? Furthermore, actor Shaan Shahid has also lashed out at Sindh Police for their inhumane behavior.

Earlier this month, journalist Abid Khan was also jailed for exposing the VIP protocol Of K-P chief minister.

Sindh police under fire

However, Sindh police are facing severe criticisms these days. A few days back, a RAW agent was arrested who was working as Assistant Sub-Inspector in the Sindh police. The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) police arrested him in Gulistan-e-Johar area of ​​Karachi. In another event, the president of construction goods pleads the authorities to protect them from the Sindh Police. Reportedly, the Sindh police have been maltreating the transporters during the coronavirus pandemic.


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