This Old Father In Sindh Was Beaten Ruthlessly By His Sons For Going To Hajj – While They Wanted His Money!

Good fathers dedicate their life to their families. They work hard to not just make the ends meet but ensure good quality education and comfortable life for their kids by putting in extra shifts if they have to. These fathers sacrifice much of their desires, wishes, time, comfort, money and personal goals to provide for their family. There are many fathers out there that buy new clothes and shoes for their wives and children, but don’t remember the last time they bought something for themselves; such selfless love can only be given by parents.

Working mothers and especially single mothers are also true inspirations and epitome of a hard-working dedicated parent. However, fathers rarely get to shine and this post, unfortunately, isn’t much about fathers but rather about their children that turn out to be thankless and despicable beings that have no care or respect for their own fathers who have invested their entire lives just to provide for them.

A Heartbreaking Incident Occurred In Moro Sindh Where An Old Father Was Brutally Beaten By His Greedy Sons.

The poor father was beaten till he bled, over money that was entirely his, sources suggested. He had planned to go to Hajj, but the old aging father instead of receiving support from his grown sons received such violent beating that the video obtained is too gruesome to even look at.

It’s heartbreaking how he is speechless, barely conscious and just trying to put himself together as he bleeds.

Money has the power to turn your own sons who you broke your back for, to provide them with the best education you could afford and with a life of decent quality, only for them to raise their hands on you. How cold-hearted can one be to do this to their father?

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Truly, money has become more valuable than human lives and relationships. We hear so many cases in Pakistan where someone’s own siblings or close relatives have gone against them for a couple of bucks; even committed murders for money. What a time to be alive? Where fathers are being beaten to death, where parents are sent to old-age-homes or discarded on the streets even.

It’s truly the loss of the ungrateful children who couldn’t grasp the opportunity of serving their aging parents not only to please Allah but also to show their gratitude to the people who sheltered them from the harshness of this life and raising them in the best ways they could afford.

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