This Pakistani Man Stamps So Fast That You Can Almost Dance To The Beat Of It!

Have you ever found your job so simple that you start doing it real quick, beating the time in all ways? Well, at some point in life we excel our work so well that we carry it out so swiftly. You can almost find people who take so much pride doing their work real quick and it actually amazes you how do they manage to do it.

Well, folks, that’s inevitable if you are bored of your job or otherwise you are having too much fun that a super fast pace appeals you. It also a case of labor intensive workplaces where you have to carry out a day-job in a pretty autocratic environment. Today we have something pretty much similar to what I’m talking about here. Thanks to the Internet and social media, we keep on coming across such amazing and mind-boggling things.

This “Fastest Thappay Wala” In Pakistan Stamps So Fast That He Should Be Given A Guinness World Record For It

Wah, ustaaad!


Does this man have any idea that he has become so famous among Pakistani people now? Somebody tell him that Pakistanis are quite amazed by his out-of-this-world speed!

For us, this kind of speed is only relevant in different areas of life. We happen to read the question paper just as fast when we have no idea about the answers. This could also be us if there is a deadline to meet but we have no idea about what to do. God, I wish I could have that speed in studying the entire course one night and appearing in the exam the next day.

Just hoping… only hoping those documents did not require any proper verification, otherwise, it is pretty cool that this man is speeding up the process using the incredible strength in his forearms. The least you can do is appreciate him for it.

So, guys, have you ever come across people doing their job with such insane speed?

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