FAST University Once Again Smashes Govt’s Orders & Asks Students To Take Exams On Campus

fast university govt orders exams on campus

The second wave of coronavirus recently hit Pakistan with the emergence of the new strain. More so, there has been a massive rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the country. All educational institutes across Pakistan are now adhering to the guidelines of the government. However, there is one university, FAST, in particular, that has blatantly decided not to comply with govt’s orders and regulations and asked students to take exams on campus. 

The institute is the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) also commonly known as ‘Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology’ (FAST) has announced to open its Karachi and Lahore campus from January 11th, smashing all orders of the education department.

fast university exams on campus
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It seems as though this university is at it again. At first, it not only increased the pressure from introducing different illogical policies but also expected a lump sum amount in return too regardless of conducting online classes. But now, this very university has decided to go against the government’s orders and open the university amidst the surging coronavirus cases.

According to the details, the FAST University is to open its campuses from January 11th. In addition to this, despite the new wave of coronavirus, it is to conduct examinations from January 14th to 16th on campus.

All educational institutes across Pakistan appear to be adhering to the guidelines of the government except FAST.

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fast govt orders smashing
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Students have taken it to Twitter to express their anger and frustration over the matter

Do the lives of students not matter? The university has clearly not thought through the consequences of such irresponsible decision.

It must be noted that the same university went against the decision of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) earlier as well. Last year in November, when all the educational institutions were closed, FAST conducted exams on campus.

Some students of FAST University reached out to Parhlo earlier with serious reservations. They sent us details and images that hint the university did not allegedly follow COVID-19 SOPs. In fact, a clear violation of the govt’s order was seen back then by Fast University and now asking students to take exams on campus.

From the images received, it showed that the university did not comply with the necessary SOPs for the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also evident that no social distancing was being followed at the university.

Once again, the management of FAST has demonstrated such an irresponsible attitude. Do they not see the devastating impact it would have on the lives of students? The management must look into it. The university needs to realize that following COVID-19 SOPs and the government’s order is more important than any exam.  

It is essential that all educational institutes across Pakistan comply with government regulations for the COVID-19 pandemic. PM Imran has also urged the nation to strictly follow COVID-19 SOPs. This is primarily because Pakistan’s second wave of infections is increasing significantly.

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