Shame On FAST For Threatening & Punishing Students Over Online Memes

fast university expel students

Yesterday, it came to light that FAST Lahore has threatened and punished students over making and posting memes about the university. Surely social media trolling does tarnish the academic institution’s image but the management must know that it’s not illegal to make memes.

The university has been facing severe backlash after they issued a punishment notice to students who were involved in trolling the university online. FAST Lahore has demanded the written ‘Facebook’ apology from the students and also expelled them for one semester.

Also, the students have been publically shamed by university management. However, people are coming to their support and condemning FAST university and their policies.

However, it’s normal as part of students’ life where they harmlessly troll sometimes their teachers, university, or their fellow classmates. These things make their academic years more interesting and memorable for the rest of their lives. However, disrespecting anyone is not acceptable at any level.

Moreover, the recent action by the university is also against the freedom of speech. Even if it wasn’t memes but some serious allegations, students have all the right to raise their concerns and talk about their issues.

Also, a few days back, FAST University also grabbed headlines when they increased their semester fees during this pandemic despite ‘useless’ online classes.  Already, the FAST University is known for giving tough time to the students. They are not setting a very good example in the name of rules for sure.


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