Faryal Makhdoom Announced that she is Pregnant and the Internet Went Wild!

The entire social space saw what happened between boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom a few weeks ago. Khan took the matters between him and his wife on the internet while accusing Faryal that she cheated on him.

Here’s How it Started

And then He Posted some Screenshot As well

He Stated that Faryal Cheated on Him with Boxer Anthony Joshua

Faryal, on the other hand, stated that she is innocent and none of this was true!

She deleted all of her tweets and decided not to comment on the situation.

After announcing the separation, one can’t really tell if they are still together or not. Unlike how they shared their personal matters on social spaces, they haven’t been sharing if the couple is still together or not.

Amir Shares Images with His Daughter Though

Anyway, Faryal Makhdoom Just Announced that She is Pregnant with her Second Baby

She Even Shared a Snapchat Image with Her Followers

While People Should be Congratulating her, Many Were Seen Passing Bickering Comments in the Light of the Recent Fiasco



There Were Some Understanding People As Well




Regardless of what one says, it is true that people shouldn’t bring their matters on social media, especially when you are public figures. The internet doesn’t forget and neither does it forgive.

It was shocking when Amir Khan brought it family matter in public this way and it was surprising when Faryal did the same when she brought her in-laws and their private matters.

Regardless of this, wishing Faryal Makhdoom all the best for this upcoming joyous ride!

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