Farq Parega – Here’s How to Make Sure Your Donations Reach the Right Hands

Every time we see the message “Collecting funds for such and such cause” or a person requesting us to help them in their times of need, we instinctively believe in the genuineness of their plight. Moved by their compelling tale of life’s miseries, or instantly convinced by their ragged appearance or wretched living condition, we don’t give this matter much of a thought before hashing out a great chunk of money from our pockets in the name of charity.

While this sentiment along with the selfless actions it elicits is downright noble and highly admirable, many of us get unwittingly played in the hands of some nefarious elements of our society that inordinately gain from people’s naivety by stirring the emotions of sympathy in them.

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These elements operate in the form of welfare organizations or charitable groups that mask their original intentions with a charitable cause to trick us into giving donations. Many of these organizations are in fact those banned outfits that fund terrorism in the country. A news report published in Voice of America (VoA) highlighted that the “annual operational budget of terrorist organizations is from 5 million rupees [about $48,000] to 25 million rupees [about $240,000].” A large portion of their funds come from our pockets, which we donate with our eyes closed.

The root cause of the problem is we don’t consider giving blindly as a problem.

To make people view it as a problem, Farq Parega came into existence. Geared by the idea behind its name, this initiative is taken to bring a positive change in people by equipping them with the necessary insights and critical thinking skills that will help them question the real intentions behind every organization or individual seeking donation from them.

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The elementary purpose of this initiative is to create awareness amongst people that their donation is only effective when it reaches the person who truly deserves it. As part of the initiative, we are running a campaign with the name Safe Charity that aims to ensure that your charity land in the hands of those who either deserve it or will use it for the purpose of helping the needy.

Things to consider before giving charity

Helping others is the noblest deed in every culture and religion, but since we are responsible for our actions, it is our responsibility to consider a few things mentioned below before giving charity:

Five things to consider before giving charity to any organization:

1) What is their agenda?
2) What have they done so far?
3) What is the impact of their actions on society?
4) What makes them reliable?
5) How old is the organization and what is its history?
Four things to consider before giving charity to any individual:
1) Who is the person?
2) Why does the person need money?
3) How is the person going to use the money?
4) What can you do to ensure that your money will not be misused?

Ask yourself these questions before giving charity to ensure that your donations reach the right people. However, it is always prudent to give to someone you know like your friends, family or neighbors.

Farq Parega, only when we will start donating responsibly.

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