Finally, The Man Who Raped Little Angel Farishta In KPK Has Been Arrested And Justice Has Been Served!

The horrific case of 10 year old’s rape, abuse, and murder that came forward sometime in May shook Pakistan to its core. Although it wasn’t the first case and unfortunately, God forbid, won’t be the last. Her dead mutilated body showed clear signs of extreme sexual torture and abuse. It was recovered from the outskirts of Islamabad.

Farishta Mohmand, merely a 10-year-old girl went out to play on May 15th and never returned. A heart-wrenching picture of her disfigured body made rounds on the internet and one cannot recall that picture without a heavy heart. Her weeping father’s picture too circulated where he was seen broken and crying sitting on the ground after a long day failed search for her body.

Pakistan Wept With Farishta’s Father And Till Today, It Stands With The Deceased’s Family And Demands Justice. #JusticeForFarishta

Our justice system has failed countless rape-victims dragging the cases and humiliating them in the process to the point that they lose hope and withdraw. The expectations that the concerned authorities would do anything in case of a minor were thin as ice. However, with entire Pakistan’s voice, the cries of this nation and her family’s reached to the Prime Minister Imran Khan himself. The investigations didn’t bear any good news until recently.

Latest Progress In Farishta’s Case: The Police Claims That The Culprit Has Been Caught.

The psychopathic murderer, pedophile, and rapist was identified when Farishta’s mother and sister suddenly remembered her complaining of a man that teased and harassed her. They instantly reported that to the police who until then failed to produce any solid evidence leading to a culprit. According to them, the body of Farishta was recovered much later for anything to be extracted from it as a potential strong lead.

A Shocking Fact About The 45-Year-Old Rapist Surfaces.

According to the sources, he is said to be Nisar, 45 years of age and a resident of Ali Pur, Islamabad. He was immediately approached, interrogated and conducted a DNA test on; during which he accepted to his crimes.

He already has an unclean record and was booked twice for the same charges since he tried to rape two minors. It’s not shocking that he was a sexual predator but what’s infuriating that this worse-than-animal-scum-of-the-earth has been roaming freely targeting little innocent girls.

The Complete News Can Be Seen Below!

If it is confirmed that he indeed is the man that tortured and raped Farishta, we hope that he too is tortured brutally alive until he dies slowly and is broadcasted live for the world to see.


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