Islamic Scholar & Televangelist Dr. Farhat Hashmi Was Seen Justifying ‘Marital Rape’ And People Are Pissed!

In this era, it has become really hard for a Muslim to trust any specific Islamic scholar. Many faces who claim to be the right one gradually turn out to be a misleading facade. Calling someone the right preacher of Islam and forcing others to obey his/her teachings is no less than any crime as nobody should be allowed to play with someone else’s faith.

Earlier this year, Dr. Farhat Hashmi who is widely known for running her Islamic Institute, Al-Huda discussed a really fragile topic in front of a crowd and faced a lot of criticism over the internet. Dr. Farhat talking to a group of ladies shared her personal opinions on ‘marriage in Islam’ and kept referring them to the actual Islamic teachings. She has been a subject of negative criticism in the past as well for sharing changed Islamic theories and implementation.

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Recently, the video of televangelist Dr. Farhat Hashmi talking about the relation between a husband and wife went viral on social media. The video comprised of how a wife should treat her husband and obey him no matter what the circumstances be. Discussing it further, she justified ‘marital rape’ and said that the husband can fulfill his ‘desires’ whenever he wants even when the wife’s consent is not involved.

Here’s the full video of Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s discussion!

According to Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s teachings, a wife can never say no to her husband and should always respect his demands and desires. Uploaded on the internet, Dr. Farhat’s bogus discussion angered people of both genders and Twitter was filled with negative comments. Among the opposed ones, there were several who seem to be in her favor and applauded her on bringing up a sensitive topic.

This South Asian Research Institute tweeted the televangelist video which created mayhem among the masses!

He raised a good point!

No comments!

This lady called Dr. Farhat an extremist and bashed the institute who tweeted the video!

Saying anything and referring it to ‘Rab Ki Raza’ is absolutely wrong!

Accusations are made!

It could’ve happened!

Now check out the tweets which went in Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s favor!

This person shared references to prove it right!

Well, nobody knows!

Being it a really sensitive matter, any small opinion or comment made can become something really big. May Allah show us the right path and make our belief strong (AMEEN).

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