Farhan Saeed Calls Out Indian Singer Salim Merchant for Blatantly Copying his Song ‘Roiyaan’

For years and probably more to come, film industries copy each others’ material. Be it Pakistanis getting ‘inspired’ from item numbers featured in Bollywood films to Bollywood copying the songs, melody, and lyrics of Pakistani content; the tug-of-war has always been there.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a Pakistani singer alleges an Indian music producer for copying his work…without his consent for the very least.

Farhan Saeed Butt alleges Salim Merchant for copying his song Roiyaan.

Farhan Saeed has also worked in Bollywood before and the singer never shares any extreme views on not working for Bollywood again whatsoever. However, this was probably the first time Farhan Saeed expressed utter disappointment towards an Indian singer and songwriter, Salim Merchant.

Farhan Saeed Took It on Social Media to Call Out Salim Merchant

Here’s what he wrote:

Someone just sent me @salim_merchant song HAREYA, which is a total copy of my song ROIYAAN. I wonder they have the audacity to call themselves artists when they steal someone’s work. Karna hi hai to pooch ke kuro aur ager poochna nahin hai to at least acha to kuro! #stopstealing

And Salim Merchant since then has not commented on the accusation made by Farhan Saeed.

What’s the most similar about the songs is the exact same chorus. In Salim Merchant’s version, the song, in general, is fast-paced. On the other hand, Farhan Saeed’s is slow and melodious. Of course, the chorus had to be same when Salim Merchant has changed just the name…from Roiyaan to Hareya…not so clever, man.

So Here’s the Version of Salim Merchant’s Song

And Here is Farhan Saeed’s Song Roiyaan

Let’s see what the Indian musician has to add regarding these claims made by Farhan Saeed. Indeed, there is a lot of similarity in the version.

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