Famous Eateries in Emporium Mall's Food Court Fined by Punjab Food Authority and It Seems Absurd!

Famous Eateries in Emporium Mall’s Food Court Fined by Punjab Food Authority and It Seems Absurd!

Believe it or not, the Punjab Food Authority has been on its toes to eradicate poor quality food served in fine restaurants, cafes, and college cafes. For more than a year, the PFA under Ayesha Mumtaz has fined a number of eateries across Punjab. While these eateries charge a decent amount of money for the food they offer, they still manage to go below par in providing quality food to the consumers.

Top names are included in the list of the eateries that served food under unhygienic surroundings. The best thing about PFA’s raids is that they are extremely unexpected. After a break, the authority made sure that the eateries paid a heavy amount of fine, teaching them a lesson to maintain certain food standards.

However, even after raids, tampering the public image and imposing heavy fines, eateries continue doing what they did before – serving substandard food in a dirty environment.

PFA raided eateries of the Pakistan’s largest mall Emporium by Nishat Group. The food court of the mall is filled with a wide range of famous local food fast food and other alternative food cuisine brands which people enjoy. The PFA raided these eateries and many were imposed fines after proving to fall below the set food standards.

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Wings, Coneheads and Arcadian Cafe were fined 1 lakh rupees each. On the other hand, Platter Junction and Big Moe’s were also fined (the amount isn’t revealed). Most of these eat out were fined due to poor, unclean conditions in the kitchens. McDonalds and KFC were also among the list of eateries which were not only given a fine but were also given warnings to maintain the standard of their kitchens.

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Despite being fined a number of times before too, these eateries fail to meet the requirements and ignore how they need to maintain a clean cooking environment for the sake of their customers and their reputations. People pay a heavy amount for the food these restaurants offer. Least they can do is provide us with clean, hygienic food.

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