A Famous Local Clothing Brand Printed the Incorrect Map of Pakistan and Gave Kashmir to India on the Items!

The matters which involve the presentation of Pakistan are taken very seriously by the locals. Another aspect which always unites the Pakistanis together is how the world takes the matters of Kashmir. The arch-rivalry between India and Pakistan primarily involves the matters regarding Kashmir.

While Pakistanis take this very seriously, seems like the local much-reputed clothing brand Khaadi ignored it entirely.

Khaadi, which is basically known as one of the topmost clothing brands in Pakistan, also happens to design and sell lifestyle items such as beddings, coasters, tables mats and more.

One of the Designs on the Coaster Sold at Khaadi had the Incorrect Map of Pakistan

The map showed the Kashmir belongs to India.

The Designer of the Coaster Ignored the Presence of Kashmir and Drew it with India

Facebook: Pakistan Frontline

Note that they have Also Made Some Mistakes while Illustrating Gilgit-Balistan

Facebook: Pakistan Frontline

For Clarification, this is what the Map of Pakistan Should and Should Not Look like


Khaadi, on the other hand, totally missed out their knowledge of Pakistan Studies or Geograph. Not only one, but their double mistakes caused an outrage for all the right reasons.

After the Outrage it Caused on Social Media, the Brand Apologized

Facebook: Khaadi

Strange how brands with such reputation become the target of mistakes that involve the image of the country. Differences aside, it was wise of Khaadi to step up and apologize for the mistake they made.

Hopefully, this weak designed item will not be shipped or sold to locations of the brand present worldwide.

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