Famous BBC Reporter Is Desperately Looking For Ahad Raza Mir, Here’s Why…

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He may be two dramas old, but our rising star Ahad Raza Mir aka Dr. Asfi is capturing everyone’s attention nationally and internationally! He has become a STAR with his hard work, dedication, acting skills, dialogue delivery and looks of course!

Just yesterday, he made headlines on social media when famous BBC presenter approached him on Twitter for an interview! It’s indeed a great achievement and pleasure for all of us that our actors are being loved and appreciated internationally too!

2017 was quite a successful year for our film and drama industry but there is something unique about this Mir Boy. It’s his script selection, kind of projects he is doing and his dedication towards his work. He only selects the best script and a plot with substance.

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Time To Raise Hell ?

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The Mir blood in his genes might be helping him but it’s his own hard work he is here and he is here to STAY & RULE!

Ahad is shooting for his new drama Aangan at the moment with his favorite co-actor Sajal and Mawra Hocane and we just can’t wait to see this young and talented star on our screens AGAIN!

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