WATCH: Family Of A Dead Man Stuffs His Grave With Fan, Motorbike, TV & What Not!

Dead Man Grave

In history, we all learned about how Egyptians buried the deceased with everyday objects for use in the afterlife. But little did we know that it is still practiced in some parts of the world.

There were typically pots, combs, stone vessels, and sometimes figurines and objects of copper, beads, and amulets found in grave goods during those times. The need to provide storage space for funerary equipment played an important role in the development of the Egyptian tomb.

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Other items were classified as accessory type and had to cheer forever the life of the deceased: small chest, furniture, beds, fabrics and clothes, tools, and more. This led to the construction of much larger tombs with additional storage chambers. Throughout Egypt’s very long history, the concept of the afterlife changed somewhat, but for the most part, it was understood as an eternal paradise.

In order to enjoy this paradise, however, one would need the same items one had during one’s life. Even simple graves included food and drink for the soul in the afterlife, as well as personal belongings. The items are referred to as ‘grave goods’.

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The practice dates centuries back. Nonetheless, it turns out that it is still being practiced in some part of the world. An interesting has video come to the surface recently in which people can be seen putting things inside a grave. The video shows a number of people at a funeral who hand over things to the ones standing inside the grave and placing those things. These ‘grave goods’ include a fan, motorbike, television, and almost everything. The number of items will shock you!

Take a look at the video!

There is no mention of where the video is from. However, it is surely not from Pakistan.

Earlier this year, the Punjab Police discovered and busted the trickery of a fake Pir who talked to people from inside a grave. Moreover, the self-proclaimed Pir claimed to be dead and talked to people from inside a grave.

A video came to the surface in which you can see the police digging a grave underground and asking the Pir sitting inside to come out. Seeing the police, the fraud did not answer at first, however, he then had to come out.

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