False Religious Rumors And How They Can Shake Our Faith

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I just came across a quote that was portrayed in a way that it belongs to Imam Ali a.s. I searched a number of authentic sites to find whether it truly does or not, and came to know that it has no link to the sayings of Imam Ali a.s.

There have been many other instances when quotes were related to other infallible too like Prophet P.B.U.H. All his life (63 years), he uttered nothing but truth and a few clicks of yours to share it can just work the other way.

What I feel important to discuss is, first the person who made that picture with the quote written over it, just for the sake of your existence, think about it for a while that who are you going to relate this quote to, the leader of faithful. Does your faith permits such things? All the time you spent in creating a false fact has earned you sins, nothing else. Better had you slept.

Secondly, people who are sharing that quotation. They are worse than the person who created it at first place. Have you gone blind, dumb or deaf? Anything that addresses or closely relates to the miseries of your life needs not to be shared unless verified. Your one share can just kickstart a chain of hundreds of other shares ultimately putting all the burden of misguidance on you!

Source: Sharia Unveiled

This thing applies to all fields of our life. At times we are concerned for our relatives and forward messages which say “Don’t pick a call from this number etc” and at other times we go blind before money and start sharing things like “Share the link with 11 WhatsApp contacts and you will get an iPhone”. We have to fight against this “Fitna”.

Source: Mr. Media Training

The use of IT for spreading rumors. At times people share sensitive articles that can bring along a couple of more shares and the chain might end up in getting hundred of people busy arguing over something with little knowledge. Everybody needs to realize that a quote/article written with a name at the end or a picture at the back provides no authenticity that quote/article belongs to that person.

To me, it is the same as killing someone to death. In the former way, you are cultivating the seeds to bear fruits which others will fight upon and in the latter you are doing it yourself. The ultimate result is the same! What’s the difference?

Such situations can be averted by getting the facts verified at first hand despite how less significant they are. This can help you save your time, avoid the burden of misguiding others and the time of others too.

Suppress those efforts aimed at misguiding people and nip the evil in the bud. We all have to be equally responsible.

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