Falcon-i & Jazz Partner Up To Secure Your Lives In More Than One Way

Falcon i Jazz Partner Up

Falcon-i, one of Pakistan’s leading tracking companies, has now partnered up with one of Pakistan’s leading cellular companies, Jazz. This unprecedented but welcomed venture between the two giants of their respective fields, will turn as a game-changer for car owners in Pakistan.

Jazz has partnered up with Falcon-i in a corporate deal through the latter’s Solution Partnership project. Jazz had been looking to grow their services portfolio, and while doing so, found Falcon-i as the most reliable of partners, that keeps more than the ability to handle large-scale clients such as Jazz.

While bidding to up their tracking and fleet management system, Jazz found the trust in Falcon-i and their wide range of services, that come with the partnership.

The commercial agreement sees Falcon-i providing Jazz with white labelled vehicle tracking, fuel management and optimized live video stream services. All these services in Pakistan seem like a necessity in today’s day and age, rather than a requirement.

The products that Jazz is providing for service, powered by Falcon-i are:

1. MDVR (Falcon-i’s Video Live Plus)

The MDVR  is an automotive Mobile DVR that is a cost-effective, multi-functional device designed for video surveillance and remote monitoring of your mobile assets

2. DashCam (Falcon-i’s Video Live)

Living in Pakistan, DashCam has become a necessity. The countless different scenarios a driver faces, with little to no accountability on the streets, can only be captured through the lens of a camera. And Falcon-i is known for providing the best DashCams in the game.

3. 3G Camera

A 3G SIM card security camera works through the network of a mobile provider, so you can watch live or connect to a 3G security camera without going through a broadband router.

4. Vehicle Tracking System

The best in the business, Falcon-i makes sure that your car stays safe at all times – with the use of best resources and technology, your car remains yours only, for as long as the system is in place.

Moreover, the introduction of a Fuel Sensor for Jazz’s fleet management, serves as an omen after some recent mishaps in the country. It is essential at all times for the user of the car to be aware of the fuel position of their car, due to the lack of petrol pumps in the country.

However, this new deal definitely established that Falcon-i is a big game player, and is definitely leading the market in their niche of vehicle security and fleet management services.

How does this work?

So, Jazz business customers can now connect and control their most valuable assets all from a self-care portal powered by Falcon-i known as “Jazz Biz View”.

Jazz Biz View offers a centralised security solution, set with an advanced analytical management, on a self-care portal, for your offices, houses and vehicles.

This end-to-end surveillance on a day to day basis, secures your life and property, in more than one way. From remote warehouses to corporate offices, from your personal car, to the fleet of vehicles in service of your company, all your assets can now be available to see and check on the tip of your fingers, with Falcon-i and Jazz’s new venture.

While staying at home, you remain in charge for day to day operations, with real-time visibility, customised analytics, asset tracking and several other features.

So, what are YOU waiting for? With this advanced technology now in service, nothing should hold you back from securing your life, the way you want to.

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